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Project Director Australia


project director job offer australia queenslandThe  Project  Director  is  the  person  appointed  by  the  Contractor  to  be  responsible  for  ensuring coordination and overall management (technical, human, financial and administrative) of the Project, optimizing internal and external resources under its responsibility in accordance with the constraints of safety, time, quality, budget and applicable regulations.



  • Minimum  ten  years  (10)  of  experience  working  specifically  in  different  project  abroad  (PV or Industrial Projects) and mandatory experience working in Australia.
  • High level of English (technical, written and spoken).
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • To  possess  strong  analytical  capabilities  and  ability  to  manage  tasks  associated  with  project development.
  • To manage assigned workload to ensure deadlines are achieve.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Comfortable working in internal and external customer-facing situations.
  • Solid computer skills.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Excellence in work is a must.


Scopes of Responsibilities:

Steering of the project (50%):

  • Implement and coordinate an organisational structure established for execution of the
  • Contract in accordance with the technical, financial, quality, safety and budget objectives.
  • Verify suitability and enforceability of the Health, Safety and Environmental management plan of the Project.
  • Ensure Project execution in compliance with the contractual obligations, shareholders’ policies and coordinating all relevant activities during execution of the Project.
  • Ensure the implementation of the Quality management plan of the Project, and follow up of the non-conformance reports and their closing actions.
  • Responsibility for allocating resources in order to guarantee comprehensive safety of individuals involved in the tasks to be performed on site, and on-site environmental protection.
  • Supervision of technical and financial documentation of the Project.
  • Preparation and follow up of the Project Risk Management Plan.
  • Management of Project interfaces with Owner, Offtaker and stakeholders, and between the various subcontractors.
  • Periodic reporting to the Owner and the stakeholders, ensuring that the information therein contained is reliable and complete, including identification of Project risks and proposed mitigation actions.

Advise Board of Management in all matters related to management of:

  • Claims and Disputes;
  • Force Majeure, Suspension and Termination events
  • Contract Change Orders;
  • Change in Law issues;
  • Quality issues.

Technical interfaces 

  • Ensure technical interfaces with suppliers, O&M Contractor and Owner are resolved in a timely manner.

Health, Safety and Environmental (15%)

  • Ensure the implementation of HSE management plan during the construction period.
  • Establish a HSE Committee.
  • Implement Emergency Preparedness and Response Procedures.
  • Follow-up on incidents, accidents and related reporting and root cause analysis.
  • Guarantee that HSE audits are conducted.
  • Ensure that awareness actions are implemented.

Risk management (15%)

  • Prepare the Project Risk Management Plan.
  • Establish and implement together with subcontractors the Inspection Program.
  • Organize and follow-up on audits on Contractor´s Management Programs (QA/QC, HSE, Procurement & Logistics, etc).
  • Ensure risks.


Job Dimension:

  • PV EPC: 225 Mw.
  • Ubication: Australia (Queensland).
  • Project duration: 16 months.
  • Mandatory: experience of working in Australia in construction (solar, industrial, etc.)
  • Direct Reports : CEO and Client.
  • Maximum manpower in a day: 700 workers.


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